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Lighting & Projection Solutions – Whatever you need to illuminate, our optical components guide, reflect, select and alter light for a variety of applications in the lighting and projection industry

Consistent, exact colors, special effects and best heat-light management in every possible environment have become a vital part of digital projection, 3D cinemas, home entertainment, shows, events, surgical lights, product presentation and several other technical applications. Leading projector, entertainment, architectural and surgical light manufacturers rely on Optics Balzers' color filters, patterned filters, hot mirrors and UV blockers to provide reliable, durable and precise colors, and to ensure moderate temperatures in every application. The integration of Optics Balzers' customized as well as standard optical components will result in an efficiency and quality boost. Builders of microdisplay projector systems know all too well the growing expectations of their customers when it comes to image quality, reliability, and cost. Optics Balzers will provide you with customized components for your color management system.

Entertainment Lighting

Entertainment Lighting

Consistent, exact colors in every possible environment have become a vital part of shows and events.... more

Near-Eye Applications

Near-Eye Displays

are being integrated in wearable devices and have ushered in a new era for displays. The variety spr... more

Technical Lighting

Technical Lighting

Optics Balzers' components also enhance several technical applications. Their/ our color filters all... more