Automotive Solutions

As requirements for road safety and vehicle comfort increase, the demand rises for driver assistance systems based on intelligent high-tech sensor and camera technology.


With precision optics from Optics Balzers innovative systems become a reality. Filters for optical sensors and ultra-thin high performance coatings are key components for the latest generation of near infrared-based active night vision systems, lane departure assistance, adaptive cruise control and head-up displays.


Key components of near infrared-based night vision systems are based on precision technology from Optics Balzers. The active night vision system illuminates the roadway by NIR radiation. A camera, sensitive to near infrared, is placed on the inside of the windscreen and records the roadway scene. The image can be presented by instrument cluster, central display or HUD unit to the driver. This system provides the visibility of driving with high beam and has a large potential of preventing accidents in the dark.


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