Lighting Solutions

Entertainment Lighting

Consistent, exact colors in every possible environment have become a vital part of shows and events. That's why leading entertainment and architectural light manufacturers rely on Optics Balzers' color and patterned filters to provide reliable, durable and precise colors in luminaires for discos, theaters and architectural lights. Our heat management systems further ensure moderate temperatures even in extremely powerful spotlights, projectors and searchlights. Lastly, Optics Balzers' UV blockers prolong luminaire lifetime by filtering out strong UV, which degrades today's complex automated luminaires.


Technical Lighting

Optics Balzers' components also enhance several technical applications. Their/ our color filters allow merchants in all areas to present their products in the right light. Thanks to UV blocking, IR reduction and emphasis of individual colors, displays in shops always look appealing. We also manufacture filters for signal lights that ensure safety in aviation, shipping and rail.



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